VAT Question of the week

Question I have recently accepted a new client, a husband and wife partnership, which was set up to acquire a dry cleaning shop as a going concern and at the same time to buy the goodwill and customer list of a clothing alteration business.   In the 12 months prior to the transfer the turnover… Read more »

Tax Question of the Week

Question I note that the higher rate of stamp duty land tax on the purchase of additional dwellings only applies to the acquisition of a major interest. Does this mean the higher rate does not apply if I buy only a 49% share in a property? How is the tax charged if I arrange to… Read more »

Deliberate Penalties HMRC’s Approach

  The Daily Telegraph published an article detailing a freedom of information request which resulted in the disclosure that 8000 more people received a penalty for deliberate failures relating to their tax return. We are unfortunately unsurprised by the Daily Telegraph’s statistic since HMRC have been demonstrating a strong attitude to this issue over the last… Read more »

Employment Question of the Week

Question I have many clients that run pubs and restaurants and use zero hour contracts and I often encourage them to issue them. However, one of my clients didn’t give a member of staff any work this week and she has complained stating that because she has been working over twenty hours every week for over… Read more »

VAT Question of the Week

Question   My client is an IT consultant and uses the flat rate scheme.  He intends to buy a new computer and printer and the total cost is more than £2000. I have suggested that he buys the computer and printer from the same supplier at the same time so that the purchase qualifies as… Read more »

VAT Question of the Week

Question I have a number of clients who are non-resident, but are required to complete a UK tax return as they have UK property letting income. I know they incur VAT on property management fees, so should I also charge VAT on my accountancy fee etc?   Answer Services of a professional nature provided to… Read more »

Tax Question of the Week

Question I note that entrepreneurs’ relief is given on the disposal of the whole or part of a business. I have a few clients who will soon be retiring or semi-retiring. With particular reference to the latter, what is meant by “part of a business”?   Answer Case law relating to retirement relief draws a… Read more »

Employment Question of the Week

Question  I am sure there are plenty of people like myself that would like to know more about the Living Wage and have an easy to read article that they can send or give to all their clients.   Answer  The Living Wage along with Auto Enrolment, are the legislation changes that are really making… Read more »

31st January 2017

Don’t forget the Tax Credit Deadline. (Actual Figures) If you need help completing your renewal form or want to know if you our entitled to claim please contact us

31st October 2016

Midnight deadline for paper submission of Self Assessment tax returns for the tax year ended 5th April 2016 to be  received by HMRC