Monthly Archives: August 2017

HR Question of the Week

Question We have a number of employees who are engaged on ‘zero hours’ contracts, and thus only work as and when required.  If they fall sick, will SSP be payable?   Answer To fall within the SSP scheme, the individual must be an employee for the purposes of Class 1 National Insurance Contributions.  There is… Read more »

VAT Question of the Week

Question My client is a VAT registered Ltd Co that owns a portfolio of rental properties both commercial and residential. The company purchased some land adjacent to a pub on which they incurred VAT. In order to reclaim the VAT, my client opted to tax. The company is now in the process of selling the land to… Read more »

Tax Question of the Week

Question Two sisters inherited a property development business when their father passed away. They continued this business as a partnership renovating and developing properties to sell on at profit. One of the sisters wants to buy one of the properties for herself. She is to pay market value but the partnership will make a loss… Read more »

Tax Question of the Week

Question My client has transferred a residential property into a discretionary trust. The value of the property is over the IHT nil rate band. Are there are CGT implications? If the trustees sell the property in the future can they claim principle private residence relief? Answer A transfer into a discretionary trust is a chargeable… Read more »