HR Question of the Week 2

Question A client has had a difficult employee for a while but they left recently, quite acrimoniously. Out of the blue, they’ve now received a reference request from a different company about this employee. They’ve been speaking to me about this and I’d like to know whether they have to respond and what they can… Read more »

HR Question of the Week

Question I’ve been speaking to a client who had to close the office this week because of the bad storm. I’m sure we’re going to get more bad weather over the next few months, so do you have any information I could pass on to my clients? Answer Extreme weather appears to be an increasingly… Read more »

VAT Question of the Week 2

Question My client has a debt on the ledger, which is overdue by more than six months.  After much chasing over a long period, the debtor has now agreed to pay the debt. However, he is saying that he should only pay the net amount as the debt is more than six months overdue and… Read more »

VAT Question of the Week

Question My client is in the process of converting a barn into a residential property.  It has full planning permission allowing it to be used and disposed of independently, but the likelihood is that they won’t live in it but will use it as a holiday property.  Can they make a claim on the DIY… Read more »

Tax Question of the Week 2

Question My client lets out their home for a fortnight when they go on their annual holiday. The temporary lodgers have access to the whole house and not just a selected room. HMRC guidance on the rent a room scheme states “you can let out as much of your home as you want” and so… Read more »

Tax Question of the Week.

Question My client has recently sold his family company, realising a significant gain and using all of his Capital Gains (CGT) Tax Entrepreneurs’ Relief lifetime allowance in the process. Although he has stepped back from active involvement, he is considering investing a significant amount of money in a trading company and has told me he… Read more »

HR Question Of The Week

Question We have a number of employees who are engaged on ‘zero hours’ contracts, and thus only work as and when required.  If they fall sick, will SSP be payable? Answer The employee will only qualify if they have average earnings at least equal to the NICs Lower Earnings Limit (£113 per week in 2017/18)…. Read more »

VAT Question Of The Week 2

Question My client is a sole proprietor builder who owns land on which he is intending to a build a new house for his own occupation. My client does not want to wait until the property has been constructed and a completion certificate been received in order to claim the VAT using the DIY Refund… Read more »

VAT Question Of The Week

Question My client runs a shop, specialising in upcoming British designers. Increasingly she is getting overseas customers who are insistent that she should not charge them VAT. However, she is concerned that she has no proof the goods will ever leave the UK. What options are open to her? Answer You are correct that generally… Read more »

Tax Question Of The Week 2

Question I am a non-UK resident but have UK rental income and savings income. Do I need to report this in the UK? Answer UK property income will need to be reported in the UK.  Any letting agency that manages the property or the tenant that occupies the property has the responsibility of withholding basic… Read more »