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HR Question of the Week 2

Question One of my clients has just received a grievance from a member of staff, how should they handle this? Answer Employers have an implied duty to deal with any grievances raised by employees even if there is no express contractual right. A grievance procedure gives employees the opportunity to redress any complaints they have… Read more »

HR Question of the Week

Question One of my clients is looking to recruit someone from outside their business. Do you have any tips about the recruitment process? Answer A successful recruitment process should be thorough and well structured. Your client should evaluate the current workforce and needs of the business to get an idea of the specific duties the… Read more »

VAT Question of the Week 2

Question My client is on the flat rate scheme and runs a computer repair shop. They have purchased computer components (goods) from the EU, as well as business to business (B2B) general rule services, namely specialist IT consultancy, from a VAT registered French company. What are the reporting requirements on the VAT return for these… Read more »

VAT Question of the Week

Question My client runs a business that purchases old houses, renovates them up to modern standards and then sells them on. He uses a preferred architect for the design work and various building contractors to do the renovation work. Can he recover the VAT that the architect and various contractors charge to him as he… Read more »

Tax Question of the Week 2

Question I understand that relief from Stamp Duty Land Tax has been re-introduced for first-time buyers. Can you tell me more about this, please? Answer First Time Buyer Relief was introduced by the Chancellor on 22nd November 2017 and applies to all relevant transactions provided the effective date of the transaction is on or after… Read more »

Tax Question of the Week.

Question A director takes a minimal salary (say, £10,000) via the company payroll and although the employer was issued with a form SL1 (notice to make Student Loan deductions) her salary is below the relevant threshold and no deductions have been made. However, she is also a shareholder in the company and receives dividends of… Read more »

VAT Question Of The Week

Question My client runs a shop, specialising in upcoming British designers. Increasingly she is getting overseas customers who are insistent that she should not charge them VAT. However, she is concerned that she has no proof the goods will ever leave the UK. What options are open to her? Answer You are correct that generally… Read more »

Tax Question Of The Week 2

Question I am a non-UK resident but have UK rental income and savings income. Do I need to report this in the UK? Answer UK property income will need to be reported in the UK.  Any letting agency that manages the property or the tenant that occupies the property has the responsibility of withholding basic… Read more »

Tax Question Of The Week

Question Is there a required minimum period of residence in a property so that it may be regarded as the main residence for the purposes of private residence relief? Answer Firstly we must consider the legislation at Section 222 Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992. The requirement here is that the dwelling-house must have been the only… Read more »

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) The same weekly SSP rate applies to all employees. However, the amount you must actually pay an employee for each day they’re off work due to illness (the daily rate) depends on the number of ‘qualifying days’ (QDs) they work each week. Use the SSP calculator to work out your employee’s… Read more »