Other Services

Other Services


Computer Consultants

Our staff are experienced in numerous computer systems.

Computer services:

  • Sage Online
  • Sage 50
  • Sage Payroll
  • Iris Payroll
  • VT Software
  • PTP Tax Return
  • PTP Company Tax
  • PTP Spreadsheet (Tax Credits)
  • Quick Books
  • Excel based applications
  • EU VAT

Investigations (Tax Enquiries)

HMRC do not need a reason for opening an enquiry into your business or personal affairs – everyone is at risk. HMRC can go back through up to 20 years of Accounts and Tax Returns which will require a large time input.

As well as offering a full Enquiry service we can offer you Fee Protection Insurance (TaxWise, in association with Peninsula) which covers the cost of any work we require to do towards an ‘aspect’ or ‘full’ enquiry.

The costs associated with an enquiry can be devastating and untimely. This insurance gives you peace of mind should you be investigated. Not only that, we have access to experienced consultants (paid for by the insurance) to assist throughout the enquiry making sure it is resolved as quickly as possible.

Banks and Finance Companies

Identify your “friendly bank manager” and make sure that you are well prepared for the critical first meeting. This can be one of the most important contacts for your business.

We already have well established relationships with all the major banks in NI.

Tax Planning

Income Tax is charged on income from various sources eg profits, wages, salaries, rents, interest ….

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is charged on gains made from selling or disposing of assets eg property, shares, goodwill ….

Inheritance Tax is charged on assets transferring on death. Although the basic concept is simple, the administration of these taxes can be very complex. There are many reliefs, exceptions and adjustments that can be benefited from, which may lead to a significant change to your taxes.

We recommend that you seek the advice of an accountant to best assist you in planning for and figuring out your tax liabilities.

Property Tax

Do you have to pay capital gains tax when you sell your family home or on a second property?
Possibly not, depending on circumstances and if you arrange your affairs in certain ways.

Are you a Landlord? If so, what will you pay tax on and what is allowable as deductions?

Do you own a holiday home, and if so does the tax treatment differ?

What happens if you let a room in your own house? You pay no tax if the total rent charged is less than £4,250 per tax year.

We can provide you with advice regarding all tax aspects of buying, selling and letting property.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Let our highly skilled team help you in the area of CIS. We specialise in:

  • Employment v Self Employment
  • Registration for CIS
  • Completion of Monthly Return
  • CITB Inspections
  • Reconcile Monthly Returns to Accounts
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